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10 ways to reduce belly that really work and are easy to follow.

10 ways to reduce belly that really work and are easy to follow.

Punch is one point of the body that makes both girls and boys lack confidence in wearing clothes. In addition to the matter of beauty. Having a belly also indicates the risk of dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease as well. Then let’s get fit and slender with

3 ways to reduce "belly" properly and sustainably

3 ways to reduce “belly” properly and sustainably

“Punch” is an organ that no one wants. Because in addition to spoiling the personality The shape is not beautiful Having a belly can also be a dangerous sign that you may be at risk for certain diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, and others. Dr. Thidakarn

Baccarat Formula, Balance Line If you are the one who likes balance Reasonableness, I think the Baccarat de Longbe formula is probably the best answer. Because this formula was invented by the French mathematician Rond d'Alembert, Delongbe's style of operation is a system of negative progression. Also known as Negative Progression, which is the heart of “When losing, increase the bet. When you win, reduce the bet.” However, Delongbe will work well only when the game has a probability of 50% (same win and loss), as is the 1324 Baccarat Money Formula. Another factor that will make the Delongbe formula even more effective is that it has to be a game that doubles as a win. You see, balance is the key to making this recipe work. Baccarat Formula How is dAlembert used? How to use the Delongbei formula is not as difficult as you think. Let me give an example in 2 situations to make it easier to understand: Event 1 When playing and losing in a row If this happens, place an additional bet of 1 investment unit per turn (1 unit can be as many baht), for example. Round 1 bet 1 unit and lose 2nd round bet 2 units and lose again Round 3 bet 3 units and lose again Round 4, bet 4 units, still won't win. Round 5 Bet 5 Units (Keep doing this until you win. 2nd event, when playing and losing and winning In this event, when losing, we will increase the investment unit 1 unit at a time as before. At the same time, if there is a win, we will reduce the investment unit by 1 unit per turn, as in the example Round 1 bet 1 unit, the result is a loss. 2nd round, bet 2 units, still lose as usual Round 3 bet 3 units. This round wins. Next round we will reduce the bet. 4th round, bet 2 units, lose again, next round increase the bet Round 5 bet 3 units wins Round 6, bet 2 units, win in a row again. Round 7 bet 1 unit and win again The form of placing bets is like this. which is the lowest will be at 1 unit, summarized as a diagram, it will look like this Baccarat-(1) SPECIAL EVENTS EXTEND BET This method is different from the above event. from increasing the bet by unit when losing Reduce bets by unit when winning. We will adjust to increase bet 1 unit per 3 losing eyes and reduce bet 1 unit per 3 winning eyes eg. Round 1 bet 2 units lose, next round will not increase bet until 3 rounds are lost. 2nd round bet 2 units lose again Round 3 bet 2 units, lose again, next round we will increase bet 1 unit. Round 4 bet 3 units and still lose Round 5 bet 3 units, this time win, next round reduce bets Round 6 bet 2 units, win again, next round place 2 units and so on until 3 rounds are won. Round 7 bet 2 units win again Round 8 bet 2 units still win Round 9 bet 1 unit

Baccarat dAlembert formula that emphasizes balance.

Baccarat formula dAlembert that focuses on balance, talking about the Baccarat Martingale formula, will not talk about the Baccarat dAlembert formula (French pronounced Delongbei), probably. Because these two formulas are called sister formulas, they would not be wrong. Because they are very similar, especially in terms of increasing the bet when we