Dembele’s contract expires at Barca and becomes a free agent

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Ousmane Dembele has become a free agent. After not extending the contract with Barcelona by the media expects. Will move to join the Chelsea army without a fee. But there are still many clubs that are interested as well.

Ousmane Dembele the French winger has become a no-name player for sure. After the expiration of his contract with Barcelona giants of the Spanish La Liga battle. On Thursday June 30 amid rumors. His next station will be English Premier League team Chelsea

Dembele's contract expires at Barca and becomes a free agent
Dembele’s contract expires at Barca and becomes a free agent

The 25-year-old has been offered an official contract extension from Barcelona. Since December last year. Which he did not agree to a contract worth almost 7.5 million euros per year or about 374 million baht plus another 3.5 million euros bonus or about 128 million baht. Resulting in uncertainty as to whether Will continue to trade in Azul Grana ?

At the same time, several reports also said Chao Boonthum had canceled the offer this week. Made a lower offer instead. Which is a wage of 6 million euros or about 220 million baht. Plus an additional 1.5 million euros or about 55 million baht. Due to financial problems As a result referred to the decision not to extend the contract in the end.

This time the perfume player has become a free agent player. Which according to the report stated navy blue lion. A proposal has been submitted for consideration previously. Therefore, it should make it easier for players to decide which team to join UFABET. However, Paris Saint-Germain Manchester United and Newcastle United have also been linked with interest in the player.

For Dembele, he worked with Tuchel in Borussia Dortmund in the 2016-17 season. Before showing outstanding form. Until the point that Barcelona agreed to spend up to 140 million euros. About 5,131 million baht, to bring him to join the army, which over the past 5 years, the player has had problems with injuries. Made him play a total of 150 matches, scoring 32 goals.