Baccarat, how to pay, how advantageous is the casino

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After counting the total points to decide the result of losing and winning Let’s see how baccarat has the odds, what bets, how much they pay, let’s see.

1.When predicting that the player’s side wins

  • If the player side wins Will receive a profit back 1 time of the bet, assuming that bet 100, will get a return of 100, a profit of 100, a total of 200
  • If the player’s side loses lose all bets
  • If the result is always will receive a full refund of the bet

2.When guessing that the banker side wins

  • If the banker side wins. It will receive a profit of 0.95 times the bet. Assuming that bet 100 will get a payback of 100, another profit of 95, totaling 195, since the dealer’s commission will be deducted 5%
  • If the banker loses will lose all bets
  • If the result is always will get full refund

3.when predicting that both sides will be tied

  • If the result comes out on both sides with equal points, will receive 8 times profit, assuming bet 100 will receive 800 baht profit
  • If the result is a win or lose will lose all bets

4.When guessing whether to issue a pair of cards It is a prediction that the first 2 cards of the betting side will be of the same value. (No need to have the same face)

  • If the first 2 cards of the betting side pay the same point, it will get 11 times profit, assuming bet 100 will get 1,100 profit.
  • If no pair cards are issued will lose all bets

From such payouts, we can see that some of them offer such high profits that they can’t resist placing bets. But wait a minute, let’s look at the house edge or the casino’s advantage first that each channel bets online casino How much advantage will we have? Why are some people paying so high? while some pay low

  1. When betting on the player’s side The casino has an advantage of 1.2351%.
  2. When betting on the banker’s side The casino will have an advantage of 0579%.
  3. When betting on a tie The casino has an advantage of 14.3596%.
  4. When betting on a pair of cards The casino has an advantage of 10.3614%.

We have come here, have you seen anything yet? Yes, when we look back at the pay rate, it can be seen that it is related to the house edge, the more they pay us. It meant that he was confident that the chances of it coming out were very small. while which one has the least advantage will pay less as well But whether it’s more or less advantageous in the end, the casino has an advantage over us anyway. Therefore, to place a bet online baccarat Although we should choose that we have a chance to win or that the UFABET casino will have the least advantage of us is better.