Update ! The case of Luis Diaz’s parents being held for ransom – now we can help.

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Shocking news occurred to Luis Diaz, a star of Liverpool. When his father and mother were taken hostage by a criminal in Colombia.

Update ! The case of Luis Diaz's parents being held for ransom - now we can help.

Shocking news occurred with Liverpool star Luis Diaz, winger of the Colombian national team. When his father and mother were taken hostage by criminals in his home country. Although recently there was an update report that. Police officers were able to clear up the situation and rescue the hostages.

In the past Football players in South or Central America There have been shocking stories of close people or family members being held hostage, such as Wilson Palacios, former Honduran midfielder for Spurs, or Real Madrid superstar Robinho. Madrid many years ago Until recently there was bad news about Luis Diaz, Liverpool’s Colombian star.

According to local media reports, Luis Diaz’s parents were robbed of their car in Barrancas La Guajira, where he grew up as a child.

Diaz’s parents, Luis Manuel and Celenis Marulanda. Were robbed in front of their car by an assailant. before taking him to a van and fleeing the scene.

Then a few hours later Police are reported to have been able to free the mother. Silenis Marulanda, but the father is still to be found.

And recently it was reported that Police were able to help Luis Manuel Diaz, Luis Diaz’s father, get out safely as well.

During the performance of the police officers’ missions. There has been a firefight with assailants trying to head towards the Colombian border with Venezuela. This resulted in the deaths of 2 out of 4 attackers.

Continuing this ยูฟ่าเบท case, the game in which Liverpool met Nottingham Forest on Sunday evening did not have Luis Diaz’s name on the Reds team. Both the real one and the backup