Ruamchu Bellingham, the coolest, plays the role of the hero of ‘El Clasico’

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Jude Bellingham receives rave reviews After continuously bursting into hero form, most recently he scored 2 goals in the life-or-death period, leading Real Madrid to overtake Barcelona in a thrilling 2-1 victory.

Ruamchu Bellingham, the coolest, plays the role of the hero of 'El Clasico'

The media, critics and even fans Everyone praises Jude Bellingham, Real Madrid ‘s rising midfielder , who continues to explode into form as a hero for the ufabet team, most recently killing 2 goals in the decisive moment. Led the agency to overtake Barcelona in a thrilling 2-1 game in El Clasico on Saturday.

The city-breaking game of the Fierce Bulls on October 28, Barca almost came out victorious. When they took the lead from Ilkay Gundogan from the beginning of the game in the 6th minute, but then at the end of the game Real Madrid overtook to win 2-1 from Bellingham’s strike in the 68th minute. and injury time 90+2

The latest two goals take the England midfielder, who has been a target for Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United, to 13 goals in 13 appearances for Real Madrid since joining in the summer. And it was the 10th goal in La Liga, leading the scorer at the moment.

After the game, Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of the white team Praising the 20-year-old midfielder, he said: “We were all surprised by his level. Especially in terms of his influence on the team.”

“He tried to run from back to front. The surprise today was his shot. Because he didn’t shoot many shots from long range. This time he was outstanding. He could easily score 20-25 goals. We don’t see him as a finisher. But he is very important to us. He scored a lot for us. But we also expect goals from the forwards.”

“He is like a soldier who has been through a war. His attitude is amazing. The closer you get to the penalty area, the better. He’s only getting better. He can make a difference. I don’t know if one day he will win the Ballon d’Or or not. I don’t care.”

Almost every media outlet put Bellingham’s picture on the cover with the headline about Real Madrid’s victory, especially those in England. Even though on the same day there were big issues such as losing to Chelsea at home and winning Arsenal with Eddie Nketiah’s hat-trick being an important part.

It was also revealed that Over 95% of fans voted for Bellingham as the next England player. who will win the Golden Boy award after Wayne Rooney in 2004 and Raheem Sterling in 2014